Missouri Depots
Appleton City 1908 to 2002

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St. Clair MKT Restored

It's nice to see when one of these gets restored instead of tore down.
NOTE: Susan Robert and Don Williams answered my question about where the water tower went. Their combined comments follow.
The water tower is still there. The depot was moved east over the track into the park and the water tower does not show up in the restored version due to the shift in the angle. According to Raymond George, who is a railroad buff, particularly a MKT history buff, the Appleton City depot is the oldest passenger depot remaining on the MKT line. There is a freight depot in Sedalia that is probably older, but ours is the oldest passenger depot. PS. They ask if any one knows more, please let us know.

This 1908 photo was contributed by William Bunch. Thanks Bill.

Left Front View with Locomotive.

1908 Photographer Unknown

Down the road

Corner view from street

1981 Photographs by Jack Forbes

Front View from street

Photograph by Steve Barker, August 16, 2002.

The last photo was contributed by Paul Weston. Thanks Paul.
NOTE: We thought you should at least get a view of the tracks.

Front View from street

1970s Photographer Unknown.

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