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Birmingham 1947 1970

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Clay CB&Q Gone

This 1947 photo was donated by Gary Roe.  Thanks Gary.
The comments below are his.
This Depot is situated at Mile Post 265.6 on the Wabash 17th District Main Line. It is also on the CB&Q Main Line between Quincy, Illinois and Kansas City. The Burlington joins with the Wabash 16 miles east of here at Maxwell, and runs on Wabash track to a point just under 1 mile east of here. At that point, the CB&Q has a track of their own parallel to the Wabash and the two roads operated both tracks as double track into Kansas City. This photo from the Harold Conner collection is actually mislabeled as a Wabash station, when in fact it is a CB&Q depot. The architecture and color are dead give away's.

Front view

From the Harold Conner Collection

This 1970 photo was donated by Andrew Taylor. Thanks Andrew.

Front view

Photograph by Wayne Copple

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