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Chillicothe 1982

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Livingston CB&Q/Wabash Bar-B-Que Rest.

Received the following information from Jason Mitchell in July 2007.   Thanks Jason.
This 1982 CB&Q/Wabash depot in Chillicothe is still standing and it's been turned into a Bar-B-Que Restaurant.

More comments are below the photos.

Left front view

Right front view

Left back view

Right back view

Photographs by Jack Forbes

These comments were received from Rodger McKinney in July 2005. Thanks Rodger.
The building pictured was a joint CB&Q and Wabash Depot. A gentleman who worked for the Brunswick Terminal Railroad let me in the depot pictured one time about 7 years ago. He showed me each side of the depot with separate controls for the Wabash type of Semaphore Signal and the CB&Q's. The two signals are different. There used to be a CB&Q piggyback ramp and loader east of the depot. Both the BN line and the Norfolk & Western abandoned their lines west of Chillicothe when the Grand River moved their joint bridge about 6 inches out of alignment. The Norfolk & Western still had a overnight St. Louis to Omaha/Council Bluffs train in 1968 that called on Chillicothe. The former Milwaukee Road line is now I.M. Rail Link. Before that it was the SOO Line. The Milwaukee road had a separate depot in the NE corner of town that had about the same dimensions as the Excelsior Springs Depot (very similar). The Rock Island Railroad ran North and West of Chillicothe and had a division point of Trenton about 22 miles north of Chillicothe on US 65 Highway. Trenton had a massive roundhouse, yards, engine service facilities, and handled a lot of the famous RI Alco Northern Class Steam Locomotives that numbered up to 65. Chillicothe had a Milwaukee Road Roundhouse and turntable.

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