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Clever 1959

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Christian MP Gone

This 1959 photo of the Clever Depot was contributed by Richard Napper.    Thanks Richard.
The following comments are by Gordon Garrett. It was moved to the east and is on a farm . Had a "tin roof shed" added all the way around . Original Depot is located in the center and basically unchanged from the day taken out of service .

More from Gordon in Nov, 2012.
I found out from my son only a few weeks ago, The Little family, their father along with his brother's help and a few others, moved the Clever Depot to his farm just on the outside of Clever. anyway, both he and his wife passed several years ago. They had a Wonderful big farmhouse. Beautiful place ! Big porch around the front. several Nice barns! and other out buildings! The kids sold it sometime and the new owner DOZED EVERYTHING ! ! ! A Fantastic Farm ! ! So everything is now gone ! No more Clever Depot ! ! Well as for Good news, We at Heart of the Heartlands WERE successful in obtaining the Last Existing KCS Steam Loco! Took two years. Pittsburg City Council Had Seriously considered and investigated the possibility of cutting it up for scrap. They had prices and weights figured and what it would cost in labor and gas to scrap it. There were a few from Pitt's. area that wanted to complain but the Council Tried to raise funds for a year and none of them offered Anything ! No money, No Labor, No Anything.

Front view

From the Howard D. Killam Collection.

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