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St. Francois IS RR Gone

This Drawing was contributed by William Bunch.    Thanks Bill. It was the Illinois Southern Station built around 1903, later became Missouri Illinois RR.

This drawing is copyrighted by and permission to use given by William Bunch.

Front view

These 1908 and 1910 photos of the Elvins Depot were contributed by William Bunch.    Thanks Bill. The comments below are his.
Elvins was on the Illinois Southern Railroad which later became MI RR. However the MI RR had another depot in Elvins on the original MR&BT line. These depots were only about 4 blocks apart and existed at the same time. The MI RR was incorporated to take over the IS RR line from Bismarck to Ste. Genevieve in 1921. In 1929, the parent company MP acquired the MR&BT through a 99 year lease and rolled it into the Missouri Illinois, there was no need for the second depot in Elvins. The nice brick depot with a slate roof built by the MR&BT won out over the much more spartan IS structure.

Front view

1908 Photographer Unknown.

Front view

1910 Photographer Unknown.

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